Kosovo is participating in the world’s greatest Convention of sport “Sport Accord”


In the pavilion of Kosovo, are being presented sports facts especially regarding the Olympic hope, respectively judo sportswoman Miss Majlinda Kelmendi, who, unfortunately, was not allowed to represent Kosovo flag in the Olympiad “London 2012” on Thursday, or at least to be represented as an independent sportswoman from Kosovo but under the flag of the International Olympic Committee.

Minister Krasniqi and the head of Kosovo Olympic Committee Mr. Hasani had meetings with high representatives and officials of world’s sports institutions, including as well vice heads and members of the Executive Board of the International Olympic Committee, heads of International Federations, institutional representatives of different countries, investment sports companies etc.

Minister Krasniqi, in his meetings has presented a sports history in Kosovo and he emphasised the fact of Kosovo being isolated by the international sports community for twenty years. He pointed out that the youngest country in Europe has enough talents, who proved themselves in great world teams, and in different sports. In every meeting he had, he requested the recognition of Kosovo federations with full rights by respective international federations. He repeated in every meeting the requirement to remove the sports isolation, while pointing out also that in this way many young sportsmen are denied the rights to be equal with all other sportsmen of the world.

He also emphasised Kosovo’s great will to give its own contributions in the development and mass of sport, by evoking the spirit of a fair game.