The architect Mr. Përparim Rama is appointed in the position of a curator for representing Republic of Kosovo in the Venice Biennale


The Architect Mr. Perparim Rama is selected in the position of a curator for representing the Republic of Kosovo in the Architecture Biennale of Venetia in Italy. The appointed board in February by Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport, Mr. Memli Krasniqi, has selected Mr. Rama from three proposed candidates. 

According to Mr. Krasniqi decision, the board for the selection of a curator comprises of Mrs.Eliza Hoxha, architect and head of the Council of Kosovo Arts Gallery, Mr.Valdet Osmani, head of Kosovo Architects Association and Teuta Jashari-Kajtazi, professor of Construction and Architecture at Pristine University. By this decision, as a special board adviser is appointed the well known architect Mr. Wilhelmus Maas, while as a commissioner is appointed the architect Mr. Bekim Ramku.

After additional clarifications and consultations the board comes to a conclusion that the concept idea of Mr. Perparim Rama is the best and worthy one in order to represent the Republic of Kosovo as good as possible, because this is the most significant cultural event in the world and the Republic of Kosovo is a participant of the event for the first time.

The Biennale of Venetia will last for four months and the opening will take place in august. This year, the topic of the Architecture Biennale is “The Common Land”.

Below it is noted the CV of the architect Mr. Perparim Rama.
Name: Mr. Perparim Rama BA (Hons) DipArch, MSc (Distinction)

Profession: Msc. In Architecture
Position: Director – 4M GROUP
Nationality: Kosovo /British
Languages: Albanian, English, Serbo/Croatian
Academic and Professional Qualifications

RIBA – Member of Royal Institute of British Architects, year 2003
SMART lab – Supervisor – SMART lab Media Institute of MSc and PhD Programme, year 2007
CECA - Member – (Centre for Evolutionary Computing in Architecture) year 2003
MSc – Distinction
Centre for Evolutionary Computing in Architecture
(East London University) year 2003
Diploma of Architecture (University of East London)
School of Architecture
Royal Institute of British Architects     Part II           2001-03
BA (Hons)    SBU London South Bank University
Royal Institute of British Architects        Part I            1995-98

Key experience: As a foundation director of 4M Group, Mr. Rama is responsible for management planning and general biro development; his projects include from housing to commercial, hotels to mixed constructions, airport to urban planning ones.

Rama consults the National Research Fund of Qatar State related to current urban and architectural projects as well as Qatar projects of the future. He is also the team leader of master plan project for development of village “Dhërmi” of 10 hectare in the south of Albania, in Jon Sea.

He was the leader of the international designing consortium, leaded by 4M GROUP until the obtaining of the urban licence of the biggest complex in Balkans with mixed development in Pristine. He was the specialist adviser of Newham Council and Tower Hamlets in London on developing the tools for space and architecture planning for Olympic Games London 2012. He was the leader for regulative plan designing for capital of Kosovo, Pristine. His architectural work is expanded to many countries such as: New York, USA; Turks and Caicos Islands; Pristine, Kosovo; London, BM, Udine, Italy; Kotor, Monte Negro; Lagos, Nigeria; Basel, Switzerland; Prague, Czech Republic, Damask, Syria; and Tirana, Albania. By his collaboration of massive projects he created a creative way of thinking on formation of new enterprises.

Mr. Rama has realised deep researches on the development of spontaneous dwellings and their self-organisation, while focusing on generative architecture. For gaining the distinction on MSc in Computing and Architecture, he deepened his learning on built environment nature. Mr. Rama was a lecturer at the Architecture School at Nottingham University and he co-supervises the PhD level in the field of 3D Generative Architecture as well as configuration of intelligent buildings in MSc and PhD Programmes at the SMART lab Digital Media Institute.

He is also a periodical adviser/ critic of Graduation on obtaining Diploma and MSc of Sciences of Computer Designing and Configuration at East London University and he is as well a periodical critic at the Architectural Association. Mr. Rama and his enterprise have gained some acknowledgements for their innovative projects. His works have been published in some design magazines, including also the London Building Design Magazine and he was interviewed by BBC, RAI, and The Times on topics regarding Architecture and Urbanism.