The Minister has closely observed the preparations for the 'Basic Exhibition' at the Kosovo Museum


Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Kujtim Gashi visited today the Kosovo Museum to closely watch the preparations being made for the 'Basic Exhibition' which is foreseen within the activities of the 10th anniversary of Independence of Kosovo and in which will be exhibited artifacts and collections of heritage objects and history of our country.

'Basic Exhibition' at the Museum of Kosovo reveals historical chronology and thematic narratives. For each pavilion, emblematic themes are identified, which are materialized in the form of exhibits and defined presentation lines.

The exhibits to be presented in this exhibition date back to Neolithic times until the declaration of independence of the Republic of Kosovo in 2008. All of these are artifacts of Kosovo's movable cultural heritage and reflect the cultural and historical identity of Kosovo.

Minister Gashi has received and disclosed the exhibits of the national hero Isa Boletini from the National Museum of the Republic of Albania, among them the revolver, the sword, the doublet, the watch and the cannon-bit.

Hero’s objects will be exposed to the public in the framework of the 'Basic Exposition' within a temporary term until May.

Minister Gashi appreciated the work that has been done in the preparation of the exhibition as an extremely important event which enables the public to bring a remembrance from the antiquity to the modern times of our history and past.

"This is our dedication and pledge as a ministry and as a Kosovo Government in its entirety that we treat the cultural heritage of our country properly and have strongly supported the realization of the exhibition in question and I would like to express my gratitude and acknowledgment to all those who are committed to achieving such a wonderful objective", the minister said.

'Basic Exhibition' at the Kosovo Museum will be solemnly opened on February 23, 2018, where the Kosovo Museum will receive the Declaration of Independence by the speaker of Assembly, Kadri Veseli , which will continue to be exhibited at the premises of the Kosovo Museum.