Minister Gashi meets with the president al-Sabah, informs him that Kosovo gives priority to sports


Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Kujtim Gashi, hosted in a meeting the President of the Association of National Olympic Committees, Sheikh Ahmad al-Fahad al-Sabah, who is on a visit to our country on the occasion of the third anniversary of the Kosovo Olympic Committee at the International Olympic Committee.

Minister Gashi welcomed to Kosovo the President al-Sabah and expressed his gratitude for the continued support given to Kosovo's sport and thanked him for the admission of the Kosovo Olympic Committee to the International Olympic Committee and the Association of National Olympic Committees.

The Minister briefed al-Sabah on the work and organization of MCYS, on the state of sports in the country and said that in order to create the necessary space for athletes and federations, MCYS is working on the creation and improvement of spots infrastructure and during this mandate the Government has listed sports among the top priorities. He also briefed ANOC president al Sabah on the ministry's commitment to changing the way of financing sports in Kosovo, including sports sponsorship in our country and categorization of sports and athletes.

"Since taking office as minister, with special emphasis within the ministry, we have this legal framework that we want to finalize as a process and we are working on this simultaneously. Also, I would like to inform the president that the ministry has increased the budget by 33% for 2018, and most of it will be oriented towards the development of sports infrastructure and the support of athletes", said Minister Gashi, citing the successful participation of our athletes in international competitions.

The minister assured the president al-Sabah that the ministry will continue to support the Kosovo Olympic Committee in the future in order to maintain the independence of functioning.

The minister also briefed the president about the start of the procedures for the construction of the National Football Stadium.

Meanwhile, the president of the International Association of National Olympic Committees, Sheikh Ahmad al-Fahad al-Sabah, said he feels honored to visit Kosovo and the reception he has had in our country. He thanked Minister Gashi for his reception and expressed his satisfaction for the achievements of Kosovo's sport in the international arena, and once again showed his readiness for cooperation in the future in support of Kosovo's sport.

President al-Sabah said that Kosovo deserved to be a member of all sports organizations and for this we have been engaged both inside and outside Kosovo and this has become a reality.

"We've been as pleased as you once we saw the flag of your state flying at the Olympics in Rio. We have worked hard together to overcome the difficulties we have faced and your gold medal came as a gift from God", said al-Sabah.

He said he feels good that the Kosovo government is in full compliance with sports in contrast to many other states that are in conflict with their sports organizations. This in Kosovo fortunately does not stand as a fact. He also urged the state to continue to support athletes in Kosovo. "If you already have experienced the success of your country's sports internationalization, it's time to reap the rewards in building infrastructure, first in law and regulations, and the news that you have increased the budget is a very good thing", said the president of ANOC.