"Meeting of Gjeçov", remembrance and promotion of our cultural and historical values


The 46th edition of the literary, cultural and scientific manifestation "Meetings of Gjeçov" has been held in Zym of Has, from 12 to 15 October, which hosted many activities in the field of culture and science.

Today's activities have been attended by the President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi and the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Kujtim Gashi.

President Thaçi described him as a patriot and a polyhedric figure who, along with other activists of the Albanian issue, worked for national unity.

"Father Shtjefën Gjeçovi was a polyhedric figure: archaeologist, ethnographer, folklore collector, author of several books. He was in constant contact with Albania’s independence initiator, Hasan Prishtina, with Dede Gjo Luli, Bajram Curri, Azem Bejta and other patriots of the time. Therefore his progressive ideas for national unity despite religious beliefs, the spread of the Albanian book, relations with intellectuals and the patriots of the time, made him to one day be ambushed and murdered by the anti-Albanian groups" the President said.

President Thaçi also talked about Zymi and the region of Has where he pointed out that this place has given great national figures who with their work influenced the emancipation of our lands, and this region has opened a brighter chapter even during the war of the KLA, considering it as the main artery for bringing armaments to Kosovo for the freedom fighters. He finally expressed his gratitude to all intellectuals and activists who kept alive the literary and cultural manifestation “Meetings of Gjeçov".

Meanwhile, Minister Kujtim Gashi, considers that the “Meetings of Gjeçov" manifestation is one of the most important events taking place in the Prizren region and beyond.

"This event, as a result of the great cultural and social and scientific character, is incomparable by its character and has maintained continuity, as a traditional event. The specialty of “Meetings of Gjeçov'” is that it is held in one of the villages, such as the village of Zym, which is an epicenter of ethno-cultural, historical and national events, "said the minister.

Minister Gashi also spoke about Gjeçov's image as a distinguished personality and a patriot, especially in collecting and documenting our culture. "Father Gjeçov is one of the most prominent bibliographers of the time. He has collected and systematized many documents on the history and culture of our people ", emphasized Gashi.

"Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports and I as a Minister, will take great care of and support this event and also other activities and organizations of this nature, which promote the cultural values of our country", said the minister among other.

Minister Gashi said that in April next year, the house-museum of our great actress Katarina Josipi will be restored, which represents an immense value not only for Zym of the Prizren’s region but also for our Republic.