Inauguration of renovations in the Sports Hall at Youth Palace in Prishtina


The Sports Hall in Youth Palace in Prishtina now has a new look. It has new seats for fans, telescopic seats in the official part and also new baskets placed on the flour. This renovation was enabled from an investment of over 115 thousand Euros by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports.

The inauguration of renovations was made today by Minister Memli Krasniqi, where present were also managers of the Palace and officials of clubs who organize competitions and trainings in this hall.

Minister Krasniqi stated that the renovation of the hall is a service that is accomplished not solely for Prishtina but to all athletes of Kosovo.

He said “This is a sign that we are committed to improve conditions in sports on behalf of not only sportsmen/women but for the whole public. It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to create fairly condign and dignified conditions”, while he added further that MYCS has similarly invested also in the Hall “1 Tetori”, which is now used for sports and cultural activities.

The Minister states further that it is the first time MCYS invests also in the stadiums all over Kosovo and in the existing halls, too, but also in building new halls. With regard to Prishtina, the Minister mentioned that in this year it is planned to start building the auxiliary football stadium, Olympic pool and Youth Centre. Moreover, he stated that MYCS is ready to distribute means also for the renovation of the stadium in the city, but it expects cooperation also from the Municipality of Prishtina.

On the other side, Bajram Ukaj, the General Director of the Youth Palace thanked the Minister for the support, highly appreciating this investment. He claimed that this is the first time after more than 30 years that it has been invested in this hall.

Ukaj estimated this as very important for the sport and public in general. He said that the management shall fulfill its obligations to increase efficiency of maintaining the hall.

Also the directors of basketball, handball, football clubs and other sports, highly appreciated this investment of significant importance for the affirmation of sportsmen/women, holding races with conditions in line with international standards.