Gashi signs the Decision on Approval of Cultural Heritage List for Temporary Protection


Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports (MCYS) Kujtim Gashi has signed the Decision on the ap-proval of the Cultural Heritage List for Temporary Protection with 1595 assets, which will be subject to the measures and the protection regime under the Law on Cultural Herit-age.

This year, a lot of new proposals of facilities that carry events, moments and important periods of history, collective memory of the urban, social, commercial and infra-structural development of the country have been proposed, reviewed and approved, all these and not only, indisputable values that need to be preserved, protected and promot-ed.

Some of these assets, which have been included this year as new proposals in the Cultural Heritage List for Temporary Protection are: Adem Demaç's House of Birth, Adem Demaçi’s House, Gërmia Commercial Center - Prishtina, Brigade Headquarters 121 Command-er Kumanova, Memorial Complex Mujë Krasniqi, Museum House of Fadil Vata, House of Cul-ture in Runik and some other facilities that now enjoy the status of protected buildings/assets according to the Law on Cultural Heritage.

MCYS and cultural heritage institutions will be fully engaged in all phases of full implementation of their mandate to implement the measures, obligations and professional standards of conservation and protection of our cultural heritage values.

"I want to thank all the parties involved, in any form, in the debate and other procedures for approving the list, such as public opinion voices, external experts, physical persons involved in different qualities, local institutions and institutions, professionals and commissions from the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports for the successful completion of this process", said Minister Kujtim Gashi, after signing the list.