Minister Gashi urging to preserve our identity created in the past


With a great interest I have followed the debate, arguments and counter-arguments spread to public opinion about the necessity of preserving the facilities, traces and values of cultural her-itage or historical collective memory through which we preserve our identity created in the past. I am delighted that this debate has been held this way.

The public, profession-als, civil society, public opinion in general are often one of the most important reference points to determine whether an asset of cultural heritage should be preserved or not.

The ministry that I lead has the enormous task of developing and implementing international legis-lation and professional standards for defining the regime of protection, preservation and pro-motion of cultural heritage in the Republic of Kosovo and in this regard it will spur more and more the involvement of the interested parties from outside the ministry in view of the trans-parency and strengthening of the implementation of the effective protection cycle of values that we have created over time.

In this regard, the institutions and professionals of the Ministry of Culture have been created to develop a professional, transparent process of in-ventorying, reviewing and evaluating in detail the respective proposals of important facilities and assets with values of cultural heritage and we have requested that they are cautious in ad-dressing the concerns raised by the public and publicly engaged professionals and citi-zens.

The new cultural heritage list for temporary protection has been finalized by relevant committees of affiliated institutions and MCYS and will come into force on 10.10.2018, which includes a large number of new asset proposals that will be under protec-tion.

Also, Cultural Heritage Institutions are designing concrete policies and projects, based on professional analyses and assessments, which will address more in-depth the necessity of preserving areas, neighborhoods, complexes and different architectural structures so that we preserve the identity of our cities, just as civilized states do.