On the World Theater Day, Minister Gashi hands out theater awards


In the office of the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Kujtim Gashi, was held the award ceremony of the Annual Prizes on Life’s Work and other theatre awards.

The Prize on Life’s Work this year, according to the evaluation of the professional jury was awarded to the actress Myrvete Kurtishi, with the motif a life dedicated to the theater, with dozens of excellent roles in the Theater of Gjakova and other theaters make the actress a worthy bearer of the award on work’s life. The prize also has a financial reward based on regulation on theatre prizes in the amount of 5000 Euros.

"I have probably appeared in front of a thousand people to give the show, without my hands or mouth shaking, but this is my sacrifice for forty years", said Myrvete Kurtishi, who thanked all the collaborators who supported her throughout her career for four decades. "I would like to thank my audience, who has risen me, created me, inspired me and has taken me up to this moment to win these awards" said actress Kurtishi.

The award for Best Performance was awarded to the Prizren City Theater "Bekim Fehmiu" for the "People's Enemy" a display directed by Fatos Berisha. Meanwhile, the award for the best director was given to Kushtrim Bekteshi for the show "Those Who Escape". Both awards are rewarded with a monetary value of 2500 Euros each.

The jury has argued that the Prizren Theater " People's Enemy " has received nine awards in various festivals and in an international competition and jury. Whereas, director Bekteshi was awarded the prize with the justification that he had proven unquestionable talent in the field of theater directing.

The jury, which was composed of Luan Daka, Liridon Cahani, Vlora Nikçi, Mirsad Ferati and Nentor Fetiu, came to the conclusion that the best actor award and the award for the best international presentation are not to be handed out at all.

Minister Kujtim Gashi considered the award of these prizes as a kind of respect and gratitude by the institutions for engagement and creative work of the artists and they have chosen this marked day to hand out these awards.

"On the occasion of the World Theater Day, in honor and appreciation of your excellent work and creativity as artists, we have decided to hand out these awards. I want to congratulate the Professional Jury for the excellent work they have done. I am convinced that their decision has been professional and as a ministry we appreciate your work during 2017, and we would like to encourage artists that 2018 will be a year of engagement with your work", said among others Minister Gashi.

"We as ministry will help you through these awards, even through alternative routes. I confirm that we will be supportive of all actors. I would like to congratulate all the actors on the occasion of the World Theater Day", the minister added.