The personal exhibition 'Pixel-Collages' of Thomas Hirschhorn


At the National Gallery of Kosovo was opened the personal exhibition of Swiss artist Thomas Hirschhorn called "Pixel-Collage", with curator Dirk Snauwaert which includes 5 large collages, a wide selection of small collages, and reference materials presented in a showcase. The display of Hirschhorn's recent works in Kosovo today, with confrontational images and confrontation with false and mass media techniques, is a statement similar to the arguments that Hirschhorn embodies in the manifests associated with “Pixel-Collage”, more precisely in: 'Why is it important –Today – let’s show and view images of the ruined bodies of men'
In recent years, Hirschhorn has deployed to this kind of deeply personal, political, and social work, which explores the limits and scams of culture and the media. Combining various collage techniques, the “Pixel-Collage” series questions the legitimacy of images that are changed to protect the viewer from unpleasant images of human pain, suffering, and violence. He questions the accuracy of media reporting from conflicts, and the manipulation of images, proof, facts or evidence circulating on the Internet.
As the artist says:
"De-Pixelation" is the title of my exhibition at the Gladstone Gallery. I will exclusively introduce “Pixel-Collage”. The exhibition will mark the ending of the “Pixel-Collage” series in which I worked for two years. My commitment to the problematic of 'pixelation' and 'de-pixelation' comes from the decision to see and watch the world as it is, and to insist on doing so. I believe that 'de-pixelation', 'pixelation', blurring or disguising and even more censorship or self-censorship are insidious and growing issues, even in today's social media. I do not accept this, under the claim of 'Defense' - self defense, the defense of others - the world is pixeled in my name. I want, I can, I need and I should use my eyes to see everything in our world as an act of emancipation.
Thomas Hirschhorn was born in 1957 in Bern, Switzerland. He lives and works in Paris. Numerous personal exhibitions were held at: Kunsthal Aarhus; South London Gallery; Kunsthalle Bremen; Brisbane Modern Art Institute; Dia Art Foundation, New York; Kunsthalle Mannheim; Tamayo Museum; Musee d'Art contemporain de Montreal; Museum of Contemporary Art de Castilla y Leon; Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston; Center Georges Pompidou, Paris; Museu d'Art Contemporani, Barcelona; Kunsthaus Zürich; Art Institute in Chicago; Museum Ludwig, Cologne; and Secession,
Dirk Snauwaert is curator and founding director of WIELS - Contemporary Art Center in Brussels, Belgium.