Improvement of infrastructure and sport in general is a priority of the Ministry and the Government


The Football Federation of Kosovo has held the next Labor Assembly. The Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Kujtim Gashi, participated in the Assembly, thereby confirmed his personal and ministry’s support in further support of the most popular sport in the world and also in Kosovo , wishing the Assembly fruitful work.

I feel extremely well as Minister of MCYS, for the achievements and successes that our athletes are reaching day by day in many sports disciplines both nationally and internationally, where these achievements are part of football players too.

"As a result of our commitment, the Government of Kosovo has taken the decision to construct the National Stadium, so it is a clear indicator that sport has fallen within the top priorities of the MCYS and Government program", said the minister, pledging that the construction of the stadium will commence as shortly as possible.

"I want to use this opportunity to let you know that this week we have announced the feasibility phase for the National Stadium. We intend that the National Stadium be in a capacity of 30,000 seats, "said Minister Gashi.

Also, Minister Gashi underlined the commitment of MCYS to improve the sports infrastructure in the country and mentioned that the ministry has planned to invest over 15 million Euros for 2018.

"The construction of twelve football auxiliary fields that will be built in cooperation with the Football Federation, I am convinced that will significantly influence the improvement of the quality of football in the Republic of Kosovo, so I want to use the opportunity to publicly thank Mr. Fadil Vokrri for this commitment ", stated Minister Gashi at the end, announcing to the participants in the FFK Labour Assembly that MCYS together with the stakeholders and partners is working on the advancement of the legal infrastructure according to the most advanced standards.