Database of Cultural Heritage, a new window of Kosovo


Kosovo from today has its own database of cultural heritage, which can be visited in internet as well via website: There assets of architectural, archaeological and movable heritage of Kosovo are presented. The website for public was launched today in an official ceremony at the Museum of Kosovo.

In this ceremony present were Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Memli Krasniqi, Ambassador of the United Kingdom, Ian Cliff, representatives of other embassies, international organisations and central and local institutions of cultural heritage.

Minister Krasniqi emphasised that the project for launching the database, is another opportunity for presentation of Kosovo to public inside and outside the country.

“From today we are opening a new window so that the world can better know Kosovo, as it truly is. Database of cultural heritage, that is today opening to the public, besides being an information opportunity for our historic, cultural and religious monuments, for traditions, habits, crafts, clothes and many more things, it also is a greater opportunity for citizens from all over the world to better know our cultural heritage and visit these monuments” he states, while expressing his gratitude to the Embassy of the united Kingdom in Kosovo for the financial support as well as the organisation Cultural Heritage without Borders for the implementation of the project.

He also stated that this is just the beginning and that this database shall be enriched and promoted much further.

“This database does not belong only to the institutions any more, it is of all citizens, since they, too, through their discoveries and promotions can help our cultural heritage become recognised as a unique value by the whole world” said the Minister.

The database is an important project which serves even more to the protection and promotion of our cultural heritage and it is an additional value for us, endorsed the Minister.

In his turn, Ambassador Cliff, expressed that Kosovo has a rich cultural heritage, “It has a mixture of different historic objects of all religions, and this database is a public window of that what Kosovo has to offer.

“The support of this project is that Kosovo can have a means to manage its cultural heritage. It is for the ministry and for everyone that is interested in the cultural heritage of Kosovo to make this means as useful as possible”, he stated.

In our public online website, 265 assets of cultural heritage are presented, from which 185 are architectural, 52 are archaeological and 30 are movable. Thereby, monuments are presented separately also as per the regions in Kosovo. The site is in three languages: Albanian, English and Serbian.

This project has been supported by the Embassy of the United Kingdom and has been implemented by CHWB and MCYS.