46 new assets are added to the Heritage List for Temporary Protection


Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Kujtim Gashi, has taken the decision to approve the Cultural Heritage List for Temporary Protection.

The Cultural Heritage List for Temporary Protection for the year 2017-2018 includes a total of 1567 assets, of which 46 are new by the following categories: 14 new archaeological heritage assets, 23 architectural assets, two assets in movable heritage and seven new assets in spiritual heritage, while for cultural landscapes there have been no new proposals

This year, the list is also complemented with new assets from the field of spiritual heritage, a category that has not been documented, researched, studied and promoted as it deserves. Among the many proposals, the list includes: Karadak's Dances, Life and Oral activity of Xhemajl Abria, Drenica's Dances, Sofra Pejane, Traditional Foods and Traditional Games. Also, for this category, two proposals were considered as the activity of SH. K.A. "Agimi" in Prizren and Artistic Crafts, and for the same the Working Group has requested additional information prior to inclusion in the List.

Minister Gashi said that "The assets included in the Cultural Heritage List for Temporary Protection are characterized by historical, archaeological, architectural, spiritual, social and educational values. This list of inheritance attests proves our antiquity and makes us understand the way of life from the earliest times and up to the present in our country. "

In the framework of this process of updating the list, Minister Gashi has established a professional commission to evaluate those assets that are proposed to be removed from the list. The relevant commission, after the evaluation of the assets on the ground, starting from today until the end of the year, will submit detailed reports for each asset according to the priorities and actions to be undertaken. So far, no assets have been removed from the list, and 92 other proposals have been prepared to be included in the list of assets for Permanent Protection.