Minister Shala met the President of KFF, Fadil Vokrri


Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports (MCYS), Kujtim Shala, today, welcomed in an introductory meeting the president of Kosovo Football Federation (KFF), Fadil Vokrri, who he talked with for the up to present achievements and challenges in the future of Kosovo Football Federation.

Minister Shala informed President Vokrri about the legal amendments that are excepted to take place in the first quarter of the year, and that in coordination with the Ministry of Finance, too, opportunities will be sought that the federations have their separate budget lines of funding and thus their works shall be much more independent and also they shall take responsibilities and raise their quality.

Minister stated that it will be invested in sports infrastructure and in cooperation with partner donors this investment shall be increased even more in coming years. The minister also stated his readiness to assist KFF in any field and encouraged President Vokrri to work with young generations and to pay attention to the quality so that will not only compete but also be competitive.

In his turn, President of KFF, Fadil Vokrri, congratulated Minister for taking the duty of leadership with MCYS. He notified Minister Shala for activities and competitions that the federation accomplishes and organises. President Vokrri notified Minister Shala also on the issues of internationalisation, which is a challenge that is expected to be overcome soon. Mr. Vokrri emphasised that for KFF, the improvement of infrastructure and raise of quality are of priority.