Prishtina, the city which organizes the 13th session of the European Cultural Parliament


Prishtina shall be the hostess of around 120 people of art from all over Europe, which in October are coming to the capital city of Kosovo to participate in the 13th session of the European Cultural Parliament. Therefore, today, the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports and the European Cultural Parliament signed a Memorandum of Understanding. Prior to signing the Memorandum, Minister Memli Krasniqi had a meeting with the General Secretary of ECP, Karl – Erik Norman.

In a press conference, after the meeting and signing the Memorandum, Minister Krasniqi expressed his estimation for the organization of the 13th session of ECP in Prishtina, as a very important event for the culture of Kosovo, its promotion and exchange of experiences.

“Three years ago we started a very fruitful cooperation with the European Cultural Parliament. I have had the privilege to take part in the last editions of ECP, in Edinburgh and Berlin. I have had the pleasure to present the cultural developments and challenges of Kosovo. ECP is an great organization which serves a lot to the culture, especially, the culture of the countries like us, as we need experiences. In Kosovo around 120 people of art shall come from all over Europe and this event is an indication that Prishtina is becoming a center of culture in Balkan”, said the Minister, as he thanked the British Council in Kosovo for its support in the organization of this session.

The Minister added that Kosovo in these three years was a part of the biggest cultural events in Europe and World and this approach shall proceed.

“Cultural diplomacy shall continue to be in our focus, since in these years indeed we have achieved to promote our country and culture”

Whereas, General Secretary of ECP, Karl – Erik Norman, thanked him for the invitation to visit Prishtina and expressed his pleasure that the 13th session of ECP shall take place in our country. He stated that this was the initiation of Minister Krasniqi to organize this important cultural event in Prishtina.

“We are very happy to organize the meeting of the European Cultural Parliament in Prishtina that shall take place at the beginning of October. We were very pleased when the Minister Memli Krasniqi contacted us, and it is of great importance that we are meeting in a symbolic city such as Prishtina” said Mr. Norman.

He said that 13 years ago when the Cultural Parliament was founded, the idea was to contribute with culture to the idea of Europe, in order to not have artificial barriers between members of the European Union. “We have members from 43 states and may say that we are the most Pan-European institution” he said.

Members of ECP from Kosovo nominated by Minister Krasniqi are Eliza Hoxha and Veton Nurkollari. Earlier in this mechanism joined also Erzen Shkololli, Director of the Kosovo National Gallery.