Minister Krasniqi met the Representative of cultural association “Sofra Gjakovare” (Gjakovar Sofra)


Today, Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Memli Krasniqi welcomed in a meeting the representative of Cultural Association “Sofra Gjakovare” from Skopje, directed by Head of this association, Baki Maliqi.

Minister Krasniqi congratulated the representatives of association “Sofra Gjakovare” for the work done up to now for the affirmation of the culture and broadening the cooperation with cultural institutions in Kosovo. He informed them about the activities and work that was done by MCYS in the field of culture, whereby he specified the achievement of the objective by signing the common cultural calendar between Kosovo and Albania.

Furthermore, Minister Krasniqi informed the guests that the support for culture has been increased continuously, doubling the budget for culture as compared to the past.

Whereas, Head of Skopian Association, Baki Maliqi thanked the Minister for the hosting. He notified the Minister for the history of association and the Albanian cultural organization in Skopje since after the Second World War.

Moreover, Maliqi gave information about the cultural and artistic plans and projects that have been accomplished for six months since they have been created as an association. Amongst their plans, Maliqi said, is also expanding their activities in Kosovo, too.

In the meeting, it was proposed to see for the possibilities of the coordination so that in the coming years, activities of Cultural Association “Sofra Gjakovare” could be included also in the common cultural calendar.