117 instruments donation from Japan solemnly handed over to Kosovo Philharmonics


Kosovo Philharmonics in its collection of orchestra now has 117 musical instruments more. In a ceremony organised by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports (MCYS), in the National Theatre of Kosovo, the handover of these instruments took place which were donated by the Government of Japan, through Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Balkan Office.

In the handover ceremony present were the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Memli Krasniqi, Ambassador of Japan in Austria, Makoto Taketoshi, Minister of European Integration, Vlora Çitaku, and the resident representative of JICA, Balkans Office, Toshya Abe.

Minister Memli Krasniqi, in the capacity of the host expressed that the two peoples, that of Kosovo and that of Japan, although in geographical distance, in difficult or happiness circumstances have felt together the experiences they have gone through, considering that this ceremony also is a good sign of cooperation between the two peoples and at this point he thanked the Government and people of Japan for the support.

“These 117 instruments are not simply a donation. They are a highly valued asset which bring the new sounds in the culture of Kosovo, which day to day is developing and is being promoted in world stages”, minister Krasniqi said.

In addition he promised that MCYS is going to work even more in the future towards improvement of work conditions for the Philharmonic of Kosovo and congratulated the instrument players for work and concerts to be even more successful in the future, not forgetting increase of artist and experience exchange between the cultural institutions.

Whereas the Ambassador of Japan in Austria, Makoto Taketoshi expressed his pleasure to be present in this ceremony of handover of new musical instruments for Kosovo Philharmonics. He expressed the memories from the earthquake of 2011 which hit Japan when Japanese people felt hopeless and the international community sympathised with them.

“We will never forget that Kosovo Philharmonics as a part of a people of the other side of the globe sympathised with Japanese people by holding a memorial concert for us”, Ambassador Taketoshi said, by further stressing that Kosovo as a new country is advancing towards development by building good relationships with the neighbours and thus contributing to advancement of Western Balkans.

He promised that Japan is going to continue to support Kosovo in efforts to build its future.

Whereas, the minister Vlora Çitaku expressed her excitement for these altruist projects, and congratulated Kosovo Philharmonics for the new instruments. She also expressed her gratitude for the Government of Japan for the support provided.

E Toshiya Abe, representative of JICA for Balkans congratulated for the arrival of new instruments and considered that this support for Kosovo Philharmonics is special as the cooperation is marking 5 years now.

“Orchestra of Philharmonics is well known in Japan as it is led by Toshio Yanagisawa, and I hope that this orchestra continues to play sounds which deliver messages of peace”, Abe said.

Whereas the director of Kosovo Philharmonics, Baki Jashari, expressed that the Philharmonics of Kosovo since its establishment in 2000 has developed from year to year and after the declaration of Independence of the Republic of Kosovo and recognition by Japan. Conditions for cooperation in the field of music between the two countries have been created.

“The new instruments, the voluminous donation from Japan amounting the value of half a million Euro makes Kosovo Philharmonics to have better work conditions”, Jashari said, where he used the opportunity to thank and express consideration for Japan people and state.

In the instruments’ handover ceremony the Philharmonics performed with some musical parts of composers like Edvard Grieg, Baki Jashari and Valton Beqiri.