Olympic Stadium ‘Adem Jashari” ready for the match Kosovo vs. Haiti


Olympic Stadium “Adem Jashari” in Mitrovica is ready for the first international official friendly match of the Representative Team of Kosovo, against the Representative Team of Haiti that takes place in 5 March.

Today, Prime-minister of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, accompanied by Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports (MCYS), Memli Krasniqi and Head of Kosovo Football Federation, Fadil Vokrri, welcomed the renovations in this stadium.

The renovation of this stadium was accomplished by the investments of MCYS, about 740 thousand Euros.

Prime-minister Hashim Thaçi estimated the work done in the complete renovation of the stadium in accordance with European standards. “I am impressed with the workings done in the complete renovation of the stadium “Adem Jashari” in accordance with European standards. The day after tomorrow, the match against Haiti is going to take place and I am looking forward to it is going to be a real feast” the Prime-minister said.

He also expressed his gratitude to Minister Memli Krasniqi and President of KFF, Fadil Vokrri, who did a great work towards the internationalization of the football in Kosovo and emphasized that Mr. Vokrri is a key image known by the whole international community.

Whereas, he promised that the support and investments in sports infrastructure shall continue.

In relation to this, Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Memli Krasniqi stated that MCYS is ready to invest also in the stadium of Prishtina. “Kosovo Government has continuously been interested in investing in the stadium of Prishtina, even with a greater priority. But, as the owner of the stadium is the Municipality of Prishtina, then, there is a need for cooperation and co-investment. We have sent a request also to the actual Mayor of Prishtina, and we are waiting for a reply in future weeks and, thus, start together the renovation, with a similar planning of the stadium “Adem Jashari”, Minister Krasniqi stated, as he welcomed the big changes that are taking place in the sports infrastructure across Kosovo.

President of KFF, Fadil Vokrri, thanked Prime-minister Hashim Thaqi and Minister Krasniqi for the support and contribution they are providing in aiding ports and specifically football. He considered that with this state support the work is being conducted easier and the success shall not be missing. “I believe the whole state is standing on its feet and for us as the President of KFF it will be easier to work towards achieving goals” Mr. Vokrri stated.

Besides investments in stadiums, the Government of the Republic of Kosovo has supported KFF also in other aspects, especially, in the organization of the match against Haiti. Hence, the Government, a few days ago, has allocated 75 thousand Euros.