Archaeological discoveries in Dresnik of Klina, the most intriguing discovery of the past few decades


Archaeological discoveries that started in the village of Dresnik of municipality of Klina in 2012 and extended to this year have uncovered a wide building believed to have been built several centuries ago, specifically, during the Roman period. This discovery is deemed as the most important discovery of the past few decades to have been made in Kosovo in the area of archaeology.

These archaeological excavations, carried out by the Kosovo Archaeological Institute, have been supported by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports right from the outset, while project focal point was the archaeologist Masar Valla.

Minister Memli Krasniqi paid a visit to the site today in order to more closely inspect the works carried out at the excavations, but to also convey his full support to the excavation of the entire monument site estimated at 300 square metres along with the support buildings.

Minister Krasniqi said that the discoveries and the work conducted at the excavation site was impressive.

“Information revealed by our experts indicate that this may well be the most interesting archaeological discovery to have been made in Kosovo during the last few decades”, he said, adding that MCYS would continue to award due priority to the site in the coming years and seek to develop clear operational and management plans in cooperation with all relevant institutions.

“During the next year, after research to be conducted, we will work to develop a detailed plan o establish an open archaeological museum. This is work that depicts the early civilization of our ancestors that flourished here many centuries ago”, he added.

Speaking of MCYS’s efforts in the area of cultural heritage Minister Krasniqi recalled that MCYS prioritized archaeology and said that investments in archaeology have tripled during the past three years, thereby increasing the number of expeditions, which also resulted in Dresnik discovery.

On the other hand, mayor of Klina, Sokol Bashota, thanked MCYS for the support and promised to award the Dresnik archaeological site all due importance, in order to develop the entire area into a tourist attraction for the future. The monument unearthed in Dresnik is the only one of its kind discovered to date in the territory of the Republic of Kosovo, which contains multi-coloured mosaics of special craft in each of its separate chambers.