The campaign against piracy and forgery commences – any unauthorized material is confiscated and the offenders of Law are prosecuted after 15th of August


The Task Force against Piracy and Forgery established by the Government of the Republic of Kosova, since today has commenced the information and education campaign against piracy and forgery, with a motto “Stop Piracy”. The whole information campaign will be under the management of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, which is also the presider of Task Force.

The campaign has been initiated by a notice addressed to all natural or legal persons who conduct production, distribution, physical selling of materials, or put on internet products containing materials protected by copyright, that they are obliged to possess contracts or respective authorizations by the right holders. Concretely, they are requested to ensure that the products put into circulation are not pirate products or infringe author’s right and other related rights.

“The inspection of producers of market and internet web-pages products containing materials protected by copyright will commence from 15th August 2013.

The Task Force, through participating Institutions within its frame, Market Inspectorate and Kosova Police will conduct the sequestration of pirate materials and the tools for their production, after 15th August 2013. Against persons who are suspected for the infringement of copyright and related rights, administrative measures (based on law on Copyright and Related Right and Market Inspectorate) and penal measures (based on Penal Code)”, will be undertaken, it is said in the notice issued today in all printed media in Kosova.

In the notice are also mentioned the measures foreseen by the legislation into force for all those who conduct acts of piracy and forgery.

According to the Law on Copyright, if a legal person within the frame of his activity or in business with others, exploits the work of an author or material of related rights without permit, will be punished with a fine in amount of two thousand (2000) up to ten thousand (10000) euro. According to Penal Code, whoever infringes copyright and related rights, will be punished with a fine and/or prison from 3 up to 8 years. Whereas the tools and equipment used for production of products which violate copyright and related rights will be confiscated.

In its meeting held a few days ago, the Task Force against Forgery and Piracy, with the aim of having a clear picture of natural and legal persons who possess pirate and forged materials agreed on having cooperation with associations for collective administration of copyright and the whole community during the campaign. During this time, different visits will take place in the field in order to inform people with legislation into force on copyright protection and the Strategy against Piracy and Forgery in particular, which has been drafted by the MCYS and approved by the Government, several months ago.

The Task Force against piracy and forgery in the field of copyright has the following composition:

• Director of Office on Copyright and Related Rights, Presider – Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports- Presider;
• Chief Inspector of Market Inspectorate – Ministry of Trade and Industry – Deputy Presider;
• Director of Office on Intellectual Property – Ministry of Trade and Industry;
• Director of Law Enforcement Directorate- Customs of Kosova;
• Director of Economic Crimes Investigation Directorate- Kosova Police;
• Director of Cyber Crimes Investigation Directorate – Kosova Police;
•Chief of Kosova Agency for Administration of Sequestered and Confiscated Properties– Ministry of Justice.

In the meetings and assignments of Task Force are invited to participate as follows:

• Executive Chief of Independent Media Commission;
•Chair of Directors’ Board of Regulatory Authority of Postal and Electronic Communications and
•Institutions and other independent organisations.