Albanian nation will be represented in London


Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Mr. Memli Krasniqi and Minister of Tourism, Culture, Youth and Sports of the Republic of Albania, Mr. Aldo Bumçi, have met last night in Tirana at "Rogner Hotel," with the Albanian Olympic team, a few days before the Olympic Games "London 2012" begin. On this occasion the team was also handed a flag, with which they will march at the opening of the Olympic Games. In the Albanian team is also the judoka from Kosovo, Majlinda Kelmendi.  The two ministers have wished success to the Olympic team, while emphasizing that it is significant above all a dignified presentation.

Minister Krasniqi said that there will be two flags in the  Olympic Games in the future, the flag of Albania and Kosovo as well, but in fact there will be represented a nation. "You actually are not only a state team, but you are the pride and representation of a nation. We have done all this way, all these achievements together, in 100 years of existence of the Albanian state and we will be together in the future as well even though as two countries, but always as a nation, "said Minister Krasniqi, as he wished success to the Olympic team. In his speech, minister Bumçi emphasized the hard work of the athletes to arrive here, and he appreciated the achievements they have made in the European and World arena in the respective sports. "Thanks to their talent, their will, and four year training, they managed to successfully qualify. For us, you already are medallists and this is because you will represent all Albanians there, "said Minister Bumçi. In this ceremony were also present many other sportspeople, ambassadors and many representatives of civil and state Institutions.

The Albanian Olympic team consists of 11 athletes, in weightlifting Brikena Calja, Daniel Godelli, Endri Karina, Hysen Pulaku and Romela Begaj, in swimming Sidni Hoxha, Noel Borshi, in shooting Arben Kucana, in judo Majlinda Kelmendi , and in athletics Adriatik Hoxha and Klodiana Shala. The Albanian athlete, who will hold the flag in the parade of the team on 25 July at the opening ceremony of the Olympics "London 2012", will be Romela Begaj.