Brickyard of Prishtina at the service of artists


The former Brick Factory is one of the buildings that, through the interventions within the Manifesta Biennial, is being returned to the citizens.

It is considered the most important post-industrial space of Prishtina. Built in 1974, the Brick Factory was a fundamental part of the infrastructure organization in Kosovo. Positioned at a strategic point, with easy access to all areas of Kosovo, this factory processed ceramics and other pure materials to produce the bricks that built a series of buildings in Prishtina.

The city brickyard will remain a space at the service of artists and citizens of Prishtina even after the "Manifesta", a place that will enliven the cultural scene in the surrounding area.

One day after the start of the Biennale, this space was visited by the director of Manifesta, Hedwig Fijen, the chief of cabinet of MCYS, Klodeta Krasniqi, the advisers of the minister Çeku, Nora Arapi, Rozafa Imami, Liburn Jupolli and the mayor of the Municipality of Prishtina, Përparim Rama.