The report on the protection of cultural heritage was presented


The OSCE mission in Kosovo has presented the latest thematic report, Protection of Cultural Heritage in Kosovo.

The report provides an overview of the policy, legal and administrative frameworks of cultural heritage protection and analyzes the close interrelationship between issues of heritage protection, security, infrastructure and spatial planning.

The Minister of Culture, Hajrulla Çeku, also participated in this table, who presented the actions and achievements of the Ministry of Culture, for the protection of cultural heritage in the country since the beginning of the mandate.

During his address, Çeku emphasized the importance of protecting cultural heritage as a priority of the Government. "Kosovo has an extraordinary cultural wealth, which is a universal value and key to creating social interaction and overcoming differences between communities," he said. "We are committed to placing culture and cultural heritage at the center of the essential principles of coexistence, mutual respect and the development of a democratic society."

While Ambassador Michael Davenport, Head of the OSCE Mission in Kosovo, among other things, said that "the OSCE Mission has continuously supported the efforts to protect and promote the rich and diverse cultural heritage in Kosovo, since the effective preservation of cultural heritage is important for all communities".

The report lists a number of recommendations for key institutions to enhance the protection and appreciation of cultural heritage, including: introducing management plans for cultural heritage sites, conducting heritage impact assessments for planned interventions, developing a more comprehensive definition of cultural heritage, and increasing the resilience of cultural heritage sites to climate change or intentional destruction.