Minister Dumoshi: MCYS and sports organizations with a joint request to allow continuation of sports activities in Kosovo


The Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Vlora Dumoshi, held a meeting today with the Chairman of the Kosovo Olympic Committee, Besim Hasani and the heads of sports federations to coordinate actions and steps, after easing the isolation measures due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Minister Dumoshi asked the sports organizations to specifically report to the Department of Sports the stage they are and the emergency needs that they have so that the institutions responsible for the management of pandemics in Kosovo, the Ministry of Health and other liaison institutions can explain the way of continuing the preparations of athletes and resuming sports competitions in the respective federations.

Among other things, the Minister said that MCYS has signed memorandums with each sports organization and to prove the support and cooperation with the KOC and sports federations, has invited their heads to clarify and coordinate further steps to gradually start the sports life in the country until normality.

"Together with KOC and sports federations in the Republic of Kosovo, we will address a joint letter to health institutions in our country to clarify the situation and allow us to start preparations, exercises of athletes and the continuation of competitions and other sports activities ", said Minister Dumoshi, appreciating it as a proper step and in the interest of all sports organizations as the unanimous request without treating each sport separately shows a unity that prevails in the sport of Kosovo and shows the discipline that characterizes it.

"Kosovo should also look at the countries of the region and the steps they have taken in this regard, how they will start their engagements and sports activities, and we will jointly come up with a request to health institutions and the appropriate steps for federations regarding their activities planned for this year ", further explained the Minister.

Meanwhile, the President of KOC, Besim Hasani, informed the Minister that KOC has held a virtual meeting with the sports federations to inform about the situation of each federation and the stage they are and which of them, based on of the specifics they have, can immediately start with training and competitions.

Chairman Hasani said that individual work has been done by athletes even at this time of isolation. Our focus has been on the Olympic team and the national teams on how they have acted so far. It was concluded and assessed that it is best to make a joint request and not individual requests from the federations for the ease of isolation measures in order to allow the continuation of sports activities and this should go through the MCYS.

The meeting also discussed other problems and challenges that the sports federations will face this year, but that the MCYS in cooperation with the KOC and the federations will do everything possible to return to normalcy.