Minister Gashi: 2019 will be a year of great change for the youth of Kosovo


About 250 young people today, in a ceremony organized by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, were provided with certificates for soft skills training by developing their skills through informal educa-tion.

Young people from the seven regions of Kosovo, from all communities living in Koso-vo, have been trained for three months to develop skills to apply for work, such as CV writing, motiva-tion letter, job vacancy survey, communicating, presenting in job interviews, writing communication, verbal communication, critical thinking skills, problem solving skills, and creativity.

On this occasion, Minister Kujtim Gashi said that this ceremony confirms the commitment of MCYS to support and empower youth in Kosovo.

"We have put together in the service of the youth commu-nity to empower and promote its participation in decision-making processes and to support their fur-ther education, thus also affecting their employment growth", said Minister Gashi.

"Kosovo has a large proportion of young people who have potential for development. Therefore, investment in youth, in building their capacities represent some of the main priorities of MCYS. This investment in our youth is a genuine investment that will directly or indirectly affect their employment, "the minister said, explaining that this training involved young people from the seven regions of Koso-vo.

The Minister also indicated the purpose of this training, which aimed to raise the life skills to prepare young people for the labor market.

"Through these training modules, we have been given the opportunity to prepare young people for the labor market by all communities living in our country as Albanian, Serb, Roma, Ashkali, Egyptians, Turks, etc. and we have all touched marginalized groups, young women in rural areas and people with special needs, "said Minister Gashi, vowing that personally and his staff will be in the service of all young people to provide a better per-spective and life with dignity for the youth of the Republic of Kosovo.

"We will have a youth fund for the first time in Kosovo, we will not allow our young people to leave Kosovo. I know that is a big problem but we can do it together. The department and the entire cabinet will be in their service. 2019 will be a year of great change for Kosovo's youth", Minister Gashi said at the end.

Xhevat Bajrami, Youth Director at the MCYS department, said that both the govern-ment and the MCYS offer various programs to increase youth employment. "We have provided train-ing programs and training to give a chance to the labor market. I want to reiterate that for us as a de-partment remains a priority to have a healthy youth".

Meanwhile, Besnik Krasniqi, repre-sentative of the organization, said that the private sector also seeks out these skills. "We who have been directly involved in this work and we are delighted to work with young people who have a great enthusiasm to develop their careers".

Finally, the certificates for soft skills training were distributed.