Adem Bunguri, laureate of the prize "Dea Dardanicae"


In the premises of the Kosovo Museum, today was organized the award ceremony in the field of heritage by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports.

According to the evaluation of the Professional Jury, Adem Bungur was awarded the Prize on Life’s Work "Dea Dardanicae" and the financial reward of 5000 Euro.

The annual Special Merit Award "Shtjefën Gjeqovi" was received by Fatmir Peja - post mortem at a value of 2500. The annual award for Scientific Work “Zef Mirdita” was awarded to Florina Jerliu and the Annual Award for Institutional Management "Muhamed Shukriu" was handed out to Sabit Syla. All three awards have a financial reward in the amount of 2500 Euros each.

On this occasion, Minister Kujtim Gashi considered that this activity is within the support of the ministry for the field of cultural heritage. He said MCYS will find ways and other options to support all activities in the field of Cultural Heritage. The Minister also praised the work of the jury.

"I have no doubt that the professional jury is right. Such awards are given to evaluate your work and I am grateful for your work. The ministry will find new ways to be with you. We will continue to travel together to preserve our precious cultural heritage", said Minister Gashi.

Meanwhile, the laureate from Albania Adem Bunguri said that it is a special pleasure to be honored with this award separately that these awards are being awarded in the year when Kosovo fills ten years of citizenship.

"Kosovo, for use to other side of the border has been a forbidden apple. What I want to say is that Kosovo has an extraordinary archaeological wealth that is a resource and an extremely rich archive that we are given to record the deformed antique history of Kosovo", Bunguri said.

The professional jury was composed of Nuri Bexheti - historian, Shafi Gashi – archeologist, Arben Hajdari – archaeologist, Mimoza Dugolli - architect and Vlora Fetaj-Berisha - folklorist. On behalf of the jury spoke Nuri Bexheti who showed on the justifications and ratings for the nominees' work for these awards. He concretely showed that Bunguri is one of the greatest classics of archeology.

"He is well-known from his thesis where he argues with perseverance for the connection of the Dardanian world with the Illyrian", said Bexheti.

Meanwhile, other laureates were honored to have received this institutional assessment. It will be a motivation for even greater commitments, the laureates have praised.

At the end of the ceremony, the participants were also showed a short film with content from the life of Fatmir Peja, the prize for whom his son Fatos Peja received.