Minister Gashi: On the World Poetry Day, we are memorializing and inaugurating the book for Gani Xhafolli


As part of the activities organized in Kosovo for the World Poetry Day, under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, a cultural event was organized in commemoration of the life and work of writer Gani Xhafolli.

On this occasion, was also inaugurated the book of authors Reshat Sehitaj and Asllan Qyqalla "Gani Xhafolli Prince of Children's Literature".

The event organized by the National Library of Kosovo "Pjetër Bogdani" was also attended by Minister Kujtim Gashi, who considered the activity as the most suitable and most appropriate to mark the World Poetry Day.

"I am very honored that today, together with you, we are marking the World Day of Poetry, with a special activity for a special person of our children's literature, such as the prince of children's literature, the well-known and beloved writer of all of us , Gani Xhafolli”, said Minister Gashi congratulating the writers community for this marked day.

Minister Gashi, speaking on the activity of late writer Gani Xhafolli, brought to attention that his works were translated into foreign languages such as English, French and Spanish.

"For the value and importance of Gani Xhafoli's work and creativity have also spoken the views of literary critics who reflect the deep thought of the pure spiritual world of the poet who penetrates through the verse in the world of Albanian children, like all children of the world and our poetry is permeating beyond the borders, is being translated, read and enriched by the poetry of Albanian writing ", said the minister among other in his speech.

The Minister emphasized that MCYS supports writers and publishers through policies that are beneficial to cultivating and promoting creativity in literary art.

"We, the Ministry of Culture, for the activities that are of particular importance to literary creators, artists, athletes and youth, find forms, opportunities and conditions to support and advance the literary and artistic values. One of these important events for Albanian culture, literature and creativity is also this event today, on the World Poetry Day, in honor of our outstanding poet of children's literature, Gani Xhafolli", said the minister.