Minister Gashi: Through sponsorship in culture, youth, sport and heritage, we will also have a performance increase


Today, under the auspices of the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo, a round table discussion was held on legal acts related to sponsorship and the benefits arising from these new policies of MCYS for the beneficiary parties as well as for businesses.

The Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Kujtim Gashi also participated in this round table. The Minister spoke on the Law on Sponsorship, saying that this Law regulates the financial and material support and support of cultural, youth and sports activities through sponsorships and advertising.

Among other things, Minister Gashi emphasized that through the sponsorship of various activities in the field of culture, youth and sport is realized the general interest that brings the improvement of the individual and social life of citizens, business organizations, foundations, natural and legal persons in the Republic of Kosovo. "The purpose of sponsorship is the realization, support, promotion and support of activities in the field of culture, youth and sport", the minister said.

"When the law was processed, it was foreseen to be 20%, but the MPs decided to be 30%. It is the law that we have found. We have issued a regulation that facilitates the implementation of this law. We are now seeking coordination with the Ministry of Finance. I believe that by June we will have everything harmonized", added Minister Gashi.

The Minister also said that the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports has issued the Regulation on the Determination of Criteria, Procedures and Forms for Certificate of Sponsorship in the Field of Culture, Youth and Sports which is signed and is in force where while drafting this Regulation part of the working team were representatives of the Tax Administration of Kosovo who have given their contribution.

"With the commencement of the implementation of this Law and other bylaws related to this Law, there will be advancement and increase of performance from these three areas and at the same time the Ministry of Culture will have the possibility to reduce the budget intended for sports, cultural and youth activities and orient the same on cultural, youth and sports infrastructure that will serve to meet the standards set by UEFA and FIFA".