Kosovo receives wide support from Germany for culture advancement


Deputy Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Rexhep Hoti, met with the Minister of State for Europe of the Federal Republic of Germany Michael Roth, also Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, with whom he discussed the cooperation and support that the German state has given to Kosovo.

Deputy Minister Hoti thanked Minister Roth for the support that the German state has provided to the state of Kosovo in all areas, especially those of Culture, Youth, Sports and Cultural Heritage. Hoti asked Roth to engage in helping Kosovo on the path to membership in international cultural organizations, Traduki network and lobby for membership in UNESCO, where he also received Roth's support.

The Deputy Minister said that the strengthening and deepening of the cooperation between the two countries is of strategic importance in all fields of culture through the realization of concrete projects and exchange of experiences of field professionals, and received the approval of Minister Roth.

Also, Hoti met with the director of the Leipzig Book Fair, Oliver Zille. Hoti discussed with Director Zille about the possibility for Kosovo to be constantly present at the Book Fair with publications of all book genres. Director Zille expressed that he welcomes Kosovo's participation in the fair as an added value and enriches this organization that has a very old tradition and where different countries around the world participate.

In the course of these meetings, Hoti has also conducted a conversation with Liechtenstein's ambassador to Berlin, Isabel Frommelt-Gottschald. Hoti discussed with the ambassador about building more direct relations on cultural cooperation between the two countries and to support Kosovo for membership in the international mechanisms dealing with the field of culture.

Deputy Minister Hoti has represented Kosovo in its participation at the Leipzig Fair at Traduki's invitation, although we are not yet members of this European network.

Participation and discussion during this visit were important because bilateral ministerial meetings were held for the advancement of cultural institutions of the Republic of Kosovo in international institutions.