Hoti met with the Minister of Culture of Macedonia and the heads of Traduki


Deputy Minister Rexhep Hoti visited the Leipzig Book Fair in Germany, the oldest in the world, that this year's edition is 853th in a row.

Hoti, accompanied by the advisor of the Embassy of the Republic of Kosovo in Germany, Shota Bukoshi, has held a series of meetings at the margins of the Fair where he presented the work that is being carried out by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Kosovo in achieving the objectives it has for the policies of the book, in support of its publication, in purchasing the book and distributing it to the library network of Kosovo, and for enhancing cooperation through concrete projects and exchange of good experiences and experts.

In separate meetings, Deputy Minister Hoti met with Robert Alagjozovski, Minister of Culture of the Republic of Macedonia, Arvid Enders, Head of the Division for Art, Literature and Film of the Goethe Institute, an institution within the German Foreign Ministry, and Antje Contius of Hana Stoic, senior representatives of the European network of Traduki literature and literature.

Deputy Minister Hoti and Minister Robert Alagjozovski discussed the need for increased cultural exchange between Kosovo and Macedonia, as the cooperation agreement in the field of culture has been signed for two years now by two neighboring countries. This agreement has paved the way for the cultural institutions of the two countries to communicate directly to see the possibilities of realizing joint projects or exchanging experiences and professionals.

In the discussion that Hoti has carried out with representatives of Traduki, has asked that Kosovo become a full member of this important European network and that the translation of Kosovo's literature into European languages and vice versa, the well-known European authors be brought into Albanian, for which Hoti also received the support of Traduk's leaders.

Meanwhile, in the meeting with the Head of Art, Literature and Film of the Goethe Institute, Arvid Enders, besides announcing the work and policies of MCYS in support of culture in general, Hoti talked with Enders about the possibility of increasing cooperation not only in the field of the book, but also in other arts, especially in the field of film, where Kosovo already has an international presentation in participation and successful presentation at the most renowned festivals throughout the world.