Exhibition in honor of Jashari family at the Museum of Kosovo


Tonight, on the 20th anniversary of the KLA Epopee, in the framework of marking the jubilee of the events of March 1998, at the premises of the Kosovo Museum was opened the exhibition "Roads of Freedom" by artist Xhevdet Pantina.

The exhibition, through visual representations, represents the entirety of the historical fate that Jashari family experienced in Prekaz, children and adults in the war against the enemy. The symbolic expressed is also a reminder of the journey of our people for the freedom led by our living hero, the legendary commander Adem Jashari.

The opening ceremony was attended by numerous personalities of politics and art world, including Deputy Prime Minister Enver Hoxhaj, ministers Kujtim Gashi and Rrustem Berisha, Mayors of Skendraj Bekim Jashari, respectively Drenas, Ramiz Lladrovci among others.

Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports said that with this exhibition we honor the work, sacrifice and blood of Jashari family on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of marking the KLA Epopee, as well as all the martyrs of the nation who gave all they had and their lives, for the freedom of Kosovo.

"It is not by accident that this exhibition has this title to remind us of the painful past of our people, the sublime sacrifice of legendary commander Adem Jashari of his family and thousands of KLA soldiers, of our citizens who with blood opened the path of freedom that we enjoy today. The KLA war awoke everywhere the pride of the Albanian world wherever they lived and worked", said Minister Gashi among others.

"It remains an institutional obligation for Kosovo not to forget the painful past and be ready to move forward and our country for which many generations got sacrificed, has the future in its hands", the minister concluded.