'Basic Exhibition' presents rare and important artifacts of our country's culture and history


Exhibits of different cultural heritage periods starting from the Neolithic period until Kosovo’ Declaration of Independence in 2008, were presented today at the opening of the 'Basic Exhibition' at the Kosovo Museum, the first one conceived as such.

Rare and special exhibits are presented in this exhibition such as: Medallion of Probi, Dresnik's Sarcophagus, copy of Prizren’s Runner, Votive Monument by Goddess Dardan from Smira, then exhibits of national heroes Isa Boletini and Adem Jashari are also presented and are open to the public. Among them is William Walker Jacket worn during the Kosovo war and personal belongings of former US secretary Madeleine Albright. These artifacts of Kosovo's movable cultural heritage reflect the cultural and historical identity of our country.

The Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports (MCYS), Kujtim Gashi, took part in the opening of the exhibition, which for the activity in question was said to be organized in the continuance of the activities of the 10th anniversary of the declaration of Independence of the Republic of Kosovo and of the Year of Gjergj Kastrioti - Skanderbeg.

"Since the beginning of taking office to run the Ministry of Culture, we clearly showed our will and readiness to focus on this project of special importance for the country's precious past, as we feel obliged to teach our generations the past, so they are well educated and have what to show about the glorious past of the country they live in, the place that all our citizens should feel proud of”, said Minister Gashi.

The various exhibits and artifacts presented today in the exhibition have been collected, selected and documented by numerous scientific and research expeditions that have been undertaken by MCYS institutions and local and international specialists.

"The Basic Exhibition, which took place in the Museum building, works and functions according to contemporary criteria. This is achieved thanks to the great commitment of the working group, responsible for the design and implementation of this dynamic concept, as well as other collaborators. Therefore, allow me to thank them for the complex task, the responsibility they have assumed and will continue to have. I wish that with the same responsibility and added commitment we will further continue the research, enrichment and presentation of the museum fund of our country. In this regard, the support of the Ministry of Culture and mine as Minister will in no time be lacking", said the Minister among other things, showing the appreciation for the great work done in the preparation of the exhibition.