Expulsion of Albanians from Sanjak of Nis, violation of the sacred right to property by Serbia


Deputy Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Burbuqe Bakija-Deva attended the opening of the two-day Conference on marking the 140 anniversary of the expulsion of Albanians from Sanjak of Nis 1877/78 which will be organized at the National Library of Kosovo "Pjetër Bogdani", where was also presented an exhibition titled "The expulsion of Albanians from the Sanjak of Nis 1877/78", prepared by the State Agency of Kosovo Archives.

Deputy Minister Bakija-Deva praised this organization because it brings to memory evidence showing what Albanians have experienced such as mass expulsion, and events like this one should serve as a call for awareness and not to allow the continuation of the realization of devastating doctrines even in other areas where Albanians reside in the territory of Serbia.

"Today we are commemorating the painful story of the 140th anniversary of the mass expulsion of Albanians from Sanjak of Nis, whereby Serbia, through violence and terror organized by the state apparatus, exercised genocide, ethnic cleansing of hundreds of Albanian settlements and the expulsion of hundreds thousands of Albanians from their lands.

Albanians from Sanjak, in addition to the terror that they experienced by killing and slaughtering, the deaths of women, elderly people and children from hunger and starvation, burning houses, they also suffered a great loss, the loss of a sacred right, the right to property ", said the deputy minister.

The Deputy Minister also noted Serbia's efforts in the recent Kosovo war and its tendencies to expel Albanians from our country, but for our good fortune, Kosovo's allies and friends did not allow this to happen.