Youth, the pillar of our country that deserves maximum support and attention


Among the activities in honor of the 10th anniversary of the Independence of Kosovo, was organized a debate with the topic "Kosovo Youth in the First Decade of its Independence" by the Youth Assembly of Kosovo.

On behalf of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, in order to discuss with young people, Deputy Minister Burbuqe Deva, discussed with Youth Assembly members, the challenges, achievements and objectives of youth in the first decade of Kosovo citizenship.

"Youth is the pillar of our country, therefore as an important group of society, it deserves maximim support and attention from our institutions," said Deputy Minister Deva.

"Since the Republic of Kosovo consists of over 60% of young population, we as a Ministry are working for empowering young people and creating a supportive environment for your social and personal development and for your peers to create opportunities for promotion, development and participation in active social life, as well as, providing equal services," the deputy minister said to the youth.

During the debate, it was given an emphasis to increasing the participation of youth in decision-making processes and their involvement in sector policy making directly affecting the youth, as one of the main objectives of the Kosovo Strategy for Youth.