Agreement between MCYS and DokuFest for Creative Europe


The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports has signed a memorandum of cooperation with DokuFest, which aims to establish a European and regional network of cultural and creative partnerships in Kosovo.

The Memorandum signed today by Minister Kujtim Gashi and Eroll Bilibani, Executive Director of DokuFest, supported also by the Kosovo Civil Society Foundation (KCSF), aims to support and strengthen the cultural and creative sector in Kosovo through the project "Creative Kosovo".

The project will assist in preparing applications for the European Commission framework program to support the cultural and audiovisual sector "Creative Europe" by developing a handbook of best practices and lessons from organizations that have experience in implementing the program and the creation of a cross-sectorial cultural and audiovisual database of cultural organizations, individual artists, film industry, and others from Europe, who are interested in cooperating with similar organizations in Kosovo; and cultural organizations, individual artists, film industry, and others from Kosovo.

The memorandum also envisages addressing the priorities and activities deriving from the Creative Europe Program. The activities envisaged under the memorandum will be accomplished and implemented by DokuFest.

"The document we signed today, and therefore the handbook and databases that will be designed, will enable the creation of new partnerships between the cultural sector from Kosovo and Europe. Through this initiative, new cultural policies and ideas will be promoted, and creativity will increase and audience interest will be greater, " Minister Gashi said.

The Ministry is obliged to use the Manual and the Databases, as well as updating the information and maintaining the Database further by the relevant Help Desk at MCYS. Also, according to the memorandum MCYS is obliged to delegate the official who will serve as a focal point and participant of information sessions and trainings during the implementation of the project.

Meanwhile, DokuFest is obliged to fully implement the project goals by 31 March 2019 as it is foreseen to be the duration of this Memorandum of Understanding. DokuFest is obliged to submit the Handbook and the Databases to the MCYS Help Desk for Creative Europe - Kosovo.