The ministry rewards judo fighters for their successes


Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Kujtim Gashi, handed out state awards for judokas Distria Krasniqi and Akil Gjakova and the coach Driton Kuka, following the results achieved at the European Judo Championship which was held in November last year in Podgorica, in a total value of 12,750 Euros.

According to the Regulation on handing out state awards for athletes who achieved top results in international competitions, Minister Gashi awarded the € 5,000 reward to Distria Krasniqi, who won the Gold Medal in this championship in the category up to 52kg.

Meanwhile, Judo fighter Akil Gjakova was awarded the € 3,500 reaward for winning the Silver Medal in the category of up to 73 kg, while the coach Driton Kuka received 2,500 euro reward as Distria Krasniqi’s coach and 1,750 Euros as Gjakova’s coach.

Minister Gashi, assessing the successes achieved by Kosovo athletes said that "The Ministry will continue to support you but not only Judo but all sports disciplines and will continuously support the Federation too".

He also said that all those athletes who bring positive results will continue to have the support of the Ministry.

"Our dedication as ministry will not miss even in the days to come. The athletes who are bringing results to Kosovo consistently and especially the judo fighters are not only our pride, but also of the Republic of Kosovo and of all the citizens of Kosovo", said the Minister, expressing his gratitude to the coach Kuka that as a result of his work and his commitment, these successes are present.

Minister Kujtim Gashi has also pointed out the signing of the Regulation on Sponsoring by MCYS which enables sportsmen and sports in general to have a new way of financing through different businesses and donors and this will enable the development of sports in general but also of athletes in particular.

For its part, the judoka Distria Krasniqi thanked Minister Gashi for the words and support. "It is a pleasure to have your work rewarded in this way and see that state institutions are also supporting you and believing in the work you are doing. I hope that we will achieve success and have such cooperation also in the future ", said the judoka.

Akil Gjakova, showed that he was delighted to have returned to the European Championship medal. He stressed that "he will continue to work so that the results will be present. Of course, these rewards are a big incentive for us to work further more".

On the other hand, Judo Federation president Agron Kuka, said that it is a special pleasure to be at this event where MCYS rewards athletes for their achievements by monetary value.

President Kuka among other things said, "I publicly invite businesses and in particular banks to cooperate with sports in general by not forgetting the sports that have brought the greatest results to Kosovo such as judo, karate and boxing.

While the coach Driton Kuka thanked Minister Gashi and the work MCYS is doing in the field of sport.

He said that judo at the beginning of the year has achieved remarkable results highlighting the fact that it is the first time a male competitor wins a medal.

He also said that the categorization of sports, athletes and coaches and the Regulation on sponsorship is what sports legislation has needed.