Minister Gashi visited FFK, in May the Stadium of Prishtina will be available


Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Kujtim Gashi, visited the Football Federation of Kosovo, where he was received by the president, Fadil Vokrri, and where he has seen the conditions and spaces where FFK works.

Minister Gashi and the president Vokrri talked about the developments in Kosovo's football, the facility in which the federation is located and the possibility that the ownership of the facility pass under the management of the federation. They also discussed the sports infrastructure and numerous investments being made by the MCYS to create favorable conditions to be able to play international matches.

Minister Gashi pointed out that he will be committed to finalizing the procedure of transferring the facility under the ownership of FFK. "We jointly agreed to proceed to a meeting of the Government so that this facility will be removed from the privatization process in the future and the same will be returned for use by the Kosovo Football Federation", the minister said.

Minister Gashi emphasized that a three-part agreement will be reached between MCYS, FFK and Municipalities for investment in sports infrastructure, in the auxiliary fields, so that our football clubs have the necessary spaces to carry out their activities and advance football in general. The minister said that at the end of April or early May, the Pristina Stadium will be available for international matches.

Gashi and Vokrri have also discussed the aspect of managing field and playgrounds. "For 2018, as a ministry we have planned to have a special law called the Law on Management of Sports Facilities and I believe that this precedes this communication that we are having with the Federation, the Municipalities and with all stakeholders involved in this process ", said the minister.

Among other things, Minister Gashi and President Vokrri discussed in particular the progress of the procedures regarding the construction of the National Stadium and the stage of discussions with the Hungarian partners who will help through giving a soft loan for the construction of this important facility, not only for football but also for the interest of our country.

The meeting also discussed the co-operation and the two-party partnership in different projects which are of special importance for the further advancement of Kosovo's football.