“Sami Frashëri” Center, hearth of the Albanian identity and culture in Turkey


Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Kujtim Gashi, during the visit to the Republic of Turkey, held meetings at the Albanian Cultural Center "Sami Frashëri" in Ankara, the Yunus Emre Institute, the Directorate for Out of State Turism and Kinship Communities (YTB) which is within the Office of the Prime Minister of Turkey and also visited the Albanian language editorial office at the Turkish Radio Television (TRT).

During the visit to the "Sami Frashëri" Center, administered by the Embassy of the Republic of Kosovo and the Republic of Albania, Minister Gashi met Albanian students studying in Turkey and members of the Albanian community living in Turkey. He described this center as a hotbed that preserves and cultivates Albanian heritage and culture in Turkey.

The Minister encouraged them to cultivate and keep alive Albanian identity, language, culture and customs even in Turkey. Already after the signing of the Cooperation Agreement in the field of culture between Kosovo and Turkey has opened the way for more activities and events in the field of culture, and they will find the support of the ministry, said Minister Gashi.

Meanwhile, Minister Gashi also met with two deputy directors of the Directorate for Turkish Foreigners and Kinship Communities (YTB), Huseyin Gundogar and Sayit Yusuf, with whom the Minister discussed the cooperation between Kosovo and Turkey in the framework of professional support for Kosovo students that they get educated in the field of Cultural Heritage in Turkish universities, as this directorate provides full scholarships for interested students to study in Turkey.

While, during the visit of Minister Gashi at the Yunus Emre Institute, in the discussion held with the chairman of the institute Seref Ates was discussed about the deepening of the cooperation and the increase of activities both in Kosovo and in Turkey, thus enabling greater recognition among our cultures and the exchange of experiences between artists and performers of culture.

Minister Gashi also visited Radio Television of Turkey (TRT) where he met with the director of television, Ibrahim Eren, with whom they discussed about greater coverage by TRT of events related to culture, heritage of the Albanian language as the Albanian community in Turkey is in a very large number.