Kosovo and Turkey sign cooperation agreement in the field of culture


The Republic of Kosovo and the Republic of Turkey have signed a Cooperation Agreement in the field of culture. The agreement was signed today in Ankara between the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports of the Republic of Kosovo, Kujtim Gashi and the Minister of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey, Numan Kurtulmuş.

Both countries through the signed agreement agree to cooperate in various cultural initiatives in the future to support the promotion of artists and performers from both countries, joint cultural activities in Kosovo and Turkey, in strengthening friendly relations and promoting mutual knowledge of the field of culture.

Both ministers have considered this as an important step in the rapprochement of relations between the two countries, to bring to the next level cultural co-operation, even thoguh the cultures of the two countries have much in common because of the historical circumstances.

"Cooperation in many cultural activities between the two countries has also existed in the past, but today is a special day because we are formalizing cultural cooperation. This signature paves the way and empowers it. Undoubtedly, this agreement involves cooperation in all areas of culture, theater, gallery, then ensembles that the Republic of Kosovo and Turkey have which have often exchanged their activities. This agreement is also a good foundation that will enable the implementation of many special agreements between the cultural institutions of the two countries", said Minister Gashi thanking his Turkish counterpart for the reception and readiness to formalize this agreement.

Minister Gashi, among others, stressed that the relations between Kosovo and Turkey are good and thanked the Turkish government and people for their support for Kosovo.

Meanwhile, Minister Kurtulmuş said that he feels delighted that Kosovo and Turkey signed a cooperation agreement in the field of culture. "This agreement will strengthen bonds between the two states. Kosovo, its people, culture and history are very close to our country. Through this agreement, we will increase joint work among the institutions", said the Turkish Culture Minister.

In the meeting between the two delegations, a number of other issues of common interest in the field of culture were discussed, as well as concrete activities, such as the weeks of culture.

Also, Minister Gashi requested from the Turkish counterpart to engage in Kosovo's membership process in UNESCO, where he received full support to coordinate actions and lobby for Kosovo's membership in this organization as well as in other international organizations.

The agreement signed today foresees that the parties agree to support and promote direct co-operation between relevant cultural institutions in areas such as national archives, libraries, galleries, museums, literature, visual arts and performances, publishing activities, cinematography and other audio-visual media.

These cultural exchanges, according to the agreement, are foreseen to be achieved through various exhibitions, various musical activities, dancing, ballet, theatrical performances.

In the field of heritage, the parties have agreed to encourage, preserve, protect and promote the respective cultural heritage on the basis of reciprocity, the direct cooperation of specialized agencies for the preservation and reconstruction of tangible and intangible heritage sites, promotion and respect cultural identity and diversity, encouraging the exchange of experts, cooperation in the field of heritage, also in international specialized organizations, in which Kosovo and Turkey are members and undertaking all preventive and corrective measures for import, export, transit and transfer of illegal ownership of cultural property.

Among the points of the agreement are the adoption of the protection of copyrights and related rights of citizens of the other party. Likewise, the cooperation is also agreed to be realized in literature and publications, which among other things it is foreseen cooperation between writers and translators of literary works and associations and writers' organizations, the participation of writers in international literary events occurring in their respective countries, co-operation of publishers, cooperation between national libraries of both countries for the exchange of specialists, information materials, books and other publications from their own funds.

Meanwhile, in the field of cinematography, the parties have agreed to encourage collaboration between film makers, including film co-productions and participation in various film festivals.

In the framework of today's engagements, Minister Gashi also visited the Kemal Pasha Ataturk Mausoleum, the founder of modern Turkey, where he handed over a wreath and signed in the memorial book. Also, the minister visited the personal museum that was founded in honor of Ataturk.