Minister Gashi presented the priorities of MCYS to the National Investment Council


Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Kujtim Gashi, participated in the meeting of the National Investment Council, where, within the Priority List for Projects in the Social Sector, spoke about the priority projects of the sectors led by MCYS.

In this important meeting it was generally considered that the investment in infrastructure projects is essential for the well-being of Kosovo citizens. Also, within the meeting it was said that investing in national and regional infrastructure projects will significantly shorten the way of EU membership and consequently we will be in the service of the well-being of our citizens.

"The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports within the Priority List of Projects in the Social Sector has included three important infrastructure projects such as the construction of the National Football Stadium; Marking Cultural Heritage and Improving Infrastructure in the Cultural Heritage Sector. The aforementioned projects are part of the Government Program of the Republic of Kosovo and at the same time the set priorities with other sectoral strategic documents ", said Minister Gashi.

He further added that the construction of the National Stadium, which is expected to reach the cost of 65m Euros, will be constructed in Sankoc, Drenas Municipality. "The constructions of the national stadium would greatly improve the overall state of sports infrastructure, especially football. This is an important project for the development of sports in Kosovo, given the membership of Kosovo in FIFA and UEFA and at the same time meeting the standards and criteria foreseen in international sports organizations. It will also contribute to the promotion of state and young talents in the international arena with participation in European and World competitions", said the minister, estimating that this capital project will have an impact on generating new jobs and budget revenues for the country.

Among other priorities, the minister also mentioned the ones related to the marking of cultural heritage and the improvement of infrastructure in the field of heritage. The projects in question will have the cost of 3.5 million Euros, respectively 16.5 million. This project foresees the marking of inheritance assets that include the Cultural Heritage List under Temporary Protection and improvement of access (road infrastructure) to Cultural Heritage assets throughout Kosovo in accordance with the standards established by international conventions and charts.

Meanwhile, in the framework of improving the infrastructure in the field of Cultural Heritage, Minister Gashi presented several projects which foresee the construction of the archaeological museum, that of the peace, the construction of a conservation and restoration laboratory.

"This project will have an impact on improving the conservation, protection and promotion of cultural heritage, which are at the same time the main objectives of MCYS in this field and is in line with ICOM's ethical code, legislation and other international criteria, such as the ICOMOS and UNESCO International Conventions and Charts dealing with the field of Conservation and Promotion of Cultural Heritage ", underlined Minister Gashi.