Minister Kujtim Gashi presented the strategic priorities of MCYS to the parliamentary commission for 2018


Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Kujtim Gashi attended the meeting with the Parliamentary Commission on Education, Science, Technology, Culture, Youth, Sports, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, where he discussed the MCYS budget for 2018.

Minister Gashi, in front of the commission presented the ministry's budget planning for next year, which, unlike the previous year, marked an increase of 17.4%, reaching a value of over 34 million Euros. In capital expenditures there will be a budget increase of 17% from the year that we are leaving, at a value of about 19.8 million Euros or 58% of the ministry's general budget, salaries and wages 4.3 million or 13%, goods and services around 1.3 million or 4%, subsidies and transfers about 8 million or 24% of the budget and municipal expenditures about 400 thousand Euros or expressed in percentage to 1% of the budget.

Among other things, the Minister also spoke about the ministry's strategic priorities, amongst others: support, massivization, development of quality sports and the improvement of sports infrastructure according to international standards; supporting and building an independent culture and advancing cultural diplomacy; empowerment of youth in development processes, care and safety for youth health, creation of opportunities for their employment; integrated approach to the protection of cultural heritage, protection and prevention of its damage, planning, design, management and maintenance of memorial complexes of special importance and establishment of the Kosovo Heritage Inspectorate, a step that Kosovo is taking for the first time.

The Minister also responded to the questions of the members of the Commission, the deputies of the Assembly of Kosovo. The Minister briefed the members of this commission which is in charge of the work of the ministry, on the legislative plan that the ministry has for the coming year, where among them it is expected to be drafted acts that improve and complement the legal infrastructure for the areas under the Ministry's responsibility.