Minister Kujtim Gashi inaugurates several heritage monuments in Prizren, pledged 2 million Euros for the Historic Center


Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Mr. Kujtim Gashi today has visited the city of Prizren, where he inaugurated some of the projects that were completed and are being implemented by the Regional Center for Cultural Heritage in Prizren in the framework of the implementation of the restoration and conservation activities for 2017.

Minister Gashi during the visit of the project carried out in the house of the family Pomaku stressed that he feels delighted that thanks to the dedication of the state institutions, in this case the Regional Center for Cultural Heritage in Prizren, which during this year has begun to undertake the measures of repairing the endangered architectural buildings and monuments, in the historical area of Prizren and other facilities found on the Cultural Heritage List under Temporary Protection, now the condition of cultural heritage assets is changing for the better.

The members of the Pomaku family expressed their satisfaction with the support shown by the state institutions emphasizing the fact that they will remain dedicated citizens in preserving and protecting the values of the cultural heritage that the city of Prizren possesses.

Also, Minister Gashi has inaugurated several restoration and conservation projects carried out during this year such as the Alili family house in Prizren, the restoration of two old trafo-stations in Prizren, the Mosque of Myderiz Ali Efendi and the family house Zhoriq in Prizren.

"Implementation of measures for emergency interventions and repairs in endangered buildings - architectural monuments, is funded by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports and this will remain my commitment as minister in 2018 to continue works of conservation and restoration not only for the historic center of Prizren, but also for all cultural heritage assets in the Republic of Kosovo", said Minister Gashi.

Within this visit, Minister Gashi has also inspected the restoration and conservation works in the Drini family complex, the Hamam(bath) of Gazi Mehmet Pasha in Prizren, and the Morina family.