Minister Gashi visited the CAA "Agimi" in Prizren


Minister Kujtim Gashi has visited the representatives of the Cultural-Artistic Association "Agimi" in Prizren, where he informed them about the decision taken by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports regarding the involvement of the CAA "Agimi" activity on the temporary list of protection of cultural heritage.

The Minister congratulated the large membership of this cultural society and all those who gave their contribution for many decades to the Association "Agimi" and pledged that due to the outstanding activity that this cultural society has provided over the past seventy years, will have the continued support and attention of Minister and MCYS.

"We also talked about the problems that have existed for a long time with some members who disagree with the developments in this cultural society. We agree to start a new dialogue to overcome these divisions and function as a united cultural organization without organizational problems" said the minister.

The minister also requested dialogue engagement and meetings between them so they can facilitate the eventual problems and overcome the misunderstandings and come to the conclusion of the agreement.