Kaçanik now has its own stadium and sports hall


Chairman of the Assembly of Kosovo, Kadri Veseli, Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Kujtim Gashi, President of the Football Federation of Kosovo, Fadil Vokrri and Mayor of Kaçanik, Besim Ilazi inaugurated today the stadium of the city of Kaçanik "Besnik Begunca ", a joint investment of MCYS and the Municipality of Kaçanik, in the total financial value of about 320 thousand Euros, while the ministry has invested about 220 thousand Euros in this sports capital project.

According to the contract foreseen for the project in question, in conformity with the memorandum, works have been carried out in fixing dressing rooms, fields, fences and other accompanying elements.

Minister Kujtim Gashi said that he feels delighted for the completion of the stadium that was inaugurated today and this capital project is in the framework of improving the sports infrastructure which is also a prerequisite for the development and advancement of sports, in this case of football.

"We have agreed that we will continue with the second phase of the construction of this stadium and that the stands will be repaired", said Minister Gashi, adding that he is committed to working maximally to increase the investment dynamics and the completion of works in the framework of the completion and modernization of sports infrastructure in our country.

"I have been requested from the beginning of my mandate by the President of the Assembly Veseli that each city should have a stadium, so we are trying to make investments in the stadiums in every city within the objectives of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports", said the minister.

Meanwhile, the President of the Assembly of Kosovo, Kadri Veseli, praised the finalization of this important project which is in the interest of the athletes of Kaçanik municipality and will be used to carry out sports activities by football players.

"In the next four years we will invest about 100 million Euros in stadiums," Veseli said. Also, the President of the Assembly said that the national stadium will be built in Drenas and very soon the works in the stadiums of Mitrovica and Prishtina will be finalized.

In the frame of the visit to the Municipality of Kaçanik, Minister Gashi accompanied by the Mayor of Kaçanik, Besim Ilazi, inspected the works at the Sports Hall in this city. The first phase of the works has been finalized in this capital project in which MCYS has invested around 1.3 million Euros. Soon are expected to complete the procedures for starting the second phase of this project and where it is expected to be invested about 900 thousand Euros.

Also, the minister was hosted in the municipality, where he talked with the Mayor Ilazi on a series of issues of common interest and continuity of the support for the projects of the Municipality of Kaçanik.