Kosovo anew at the Venice Biennale of architecture


The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports officially confirms the participation of the Republic of Kosovo in the 16th edition of the Architecture Biennale in Venice 2018.

The commissioner will be the Ministry itself, while for the curator, Minister Gashi has appointed the architect Eliza Hoxha, who is also active in the field of culture, education and activism in Kosovo.

The theme of this edition is "Free Spaces" unfolded by curators Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara. Meanwhile, it is expected to be created the team and the thematic idea that will represent the Kosovo Pavilion within the main theme of the Biennale.

Today Minister Gashi received in the meeting the curator Eliza Hoxha where was discussed about the participation process and he pledged on the institutional support and mobilization of relevant institutions that cover the field of cultural diplomacy.

Curator Hoxha thanked Minister Gashi for the trust given by emphasizing the importance and value of state representation in this important event for cultural exchanges in the field of architecture, and pledged to work with dedication in creating a competent team that can address the topic on "Free Spaces" from the Kosovo context.

The Ministry of Culture along with the curator will keep you informed about the further steps of the participation process until the final act at the opening of the Biennale.