Minister Kujtim Gashi visited works in the Korisha Castle


Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Kujtim Gashi, stayed today in Korisha Castle, a location situated in this village of Prizren, at an altitude of 728 m.

The Minister has closely inspected the archaeological works and excavations being made in this important cultural heritage site, estimated that this castle was built in the late antiquity period, respectively during the centuries V-VI, before our era.

Minister Gashi said that this location will have the proper attention of the ministry he leads. Also, the minister underlined that this place could become an important attraction for tourism in this region, so it will have the increased attention of state institutions.

MCYS has allocated 50 thousand Euros for archaeological excavations in the Korisha Castle. The first archaeological excavations were made in 2002, while last year these excavations were intensified, pointing out the contours inside the realm of this fortress.