Half a century of existence of the main heritage institution in Prizren


The Regional Cultural Heritage Center in Prizren (the former Institute for Monument Protection) marked half a century of existence since the establishment of this heritage institution.

At a ceremony organized in Hamam of Gazi Mehmet Pasha in Prizren was marked this jubilee, where were also promoted four editions of the RCHC: "Prizren Crafts and Handicrafts at the Monumental Complex of the Albanian League of Prizren" by author Shpresa Siqeca, “Stones over graves at the Complex of the Temple Sinani in Prizren "of Media Fishekqiu, "Catalog of Exhibits from the Prizren Region "and" Catalog Araste Vice-Versa ".

Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Kujtim Gashi, who participated in this event, on this occasion said that it is a double pleasure to participate in marking the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Regional Center for Cultural Heritage in Prizren , or as it was named at the beginning of its establishment as the Institute for the Protection of Monuments in Prizren.

"Firstly, for the fact that you are marking the 50th anniversary of the establishment of this particular institution, where for five decades you have been engaged in the preservation, protection and promotion of our precious cultural heritage. Secondly, from this place, I reconfirm the fact that the city of Prizren, besides being a university center, next year will be the center or the seat of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport", said Minister Gashi.

The Minister spoke about the importance and contribution given by the RCHC in Prizren which has made possible that numerous and undisputed values of material culture created continuously in this geographical area to be preserved and promoted.

"The archeological wealth of the Prizren region, the numerous assets of cultural and spiritual heritage, are a priceless treasure, which, as the earth has preserved for centuries, should remain an obligation for us to institutionally take care of", said the Minister, expressing his gratitude for the excellent and professional staff of the RCHC, and also for all those who for decades with dedication made a great contribution in this field.

"One of the personalities that we must be remembered today is the late Muhamed Shukriu, who dedicated his entire life to the cultural heritage. Therefore, in accordance with my mandate as Minister, I would gladly like to grant the “Post Mortem” gratitude for the contribution given in the field of cultural heritage to this precious personality of our country", said Minister Kujtim Gashi at the end, handing out this gratitude to the family members of Shukriu.

The minister pledged to work for even greater support, so cultural heritage institution advance in this area.

Whereas Jusuf Xhibo, u.d. the director of RCHC-Prizren, spoke about the history of the RCHC, since the foundation in 1967 to this day, for the successes and processes which this institution has been through.