Minister Gashi met with US Ambassador Greg Delawie


Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Kujtim Gashi, hosted today, in an introductory meeting, the Ambassador of the United States of America to Kosovo, Greg Delawie, with whom he talked about the cooperation between the Ministry and the US Embassy in our country.

Minister Gashi and the Ambassador Delawie praised the close co-operation between the two countries, and in particular the MCYS with the US Embassy in the departments responsible for the ministry.

The Minister thanked the US Ambassador for the continued and unreserved help that the US Government has given to the state-building of Kosovo and is providing for the strengthening of Kosovo's statehood.

Similarly, Minister Kujtim Gashi briefed Ambassador Delawie on the policies and plans that are being pursued by the MCYS for the development of culture in the country and the promotion of cultural diversity.

Ambassador Delawie promised continuation of cooperation in areas of interest to MCYS.

Also, Ambassador Delawie stressed that his country's government, through the Embassy in Pristina, will be supporting the ministry by supporting various youth and cultural activities, which promote diversity and mutual respect in Kosovo, as well as activities designed to oppose violent extremism.

The Minister and Ambassador agreed to deepen the cooperation and commitment in the realization of concrete projects in culture, heritage, and with particular emphasis on the advancement and integration of youth in the institutional and state life of Kosovo.