Students from Kosovo benefit from MCYS agreements with partners in the field of cultural heritage


Students from Kosovo benefit from MCYS agreements with partners in the field of cultural heritage in England and France as a result of the agreements of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports with the British Council and the French Embassy. On this occasion, Minister Kujtim Gashi hosted in a meeting candidates who are expected to be cadres in the respective heritage fields.

Arta Arifi, Atdhe Prelvukaj and Enes Lekiqi, are the winning students who have been granted a scholarship for continuing postgraduate studies in England after the completion of the competition phases, within the framework of the MCYS agreement with the British Council, while Marigona Ademi and Endrit Smajli are the scholarship winners for continuing their studies in the field of heritage in France, in the framework of the agreement between the French Embassy, the University of Pristina "Hasan Prishtina" and the École Normale Supérieure in Paris.

Minister Gashi expressed his satisfaction that the field which lack cadres, such as the field of heritage in general, these students have chosen to continue their studies, who are also considered a wealth for our country. He congratulated those students for their success by requesting them to bring their knowledge and experience to Kosovo, and to put it to the service and the benefit of our country, proving with scientific facts the autochthony and antiquity of our people in these regions.

"I am pleased that you have shown willingness to continue your professional advancement and follow post graduate studies in this deficient area such as cultural heritage. You are a hope and will fill in the deficiency in this area, "said Minister Gashi to the students.

Gashi also thanked the British Council and the French Embassy for their support by saying that they have been and will remain important ministry partners.

"The United Kingdom and France are two friendly states of Kosovo, and their reliance on Kosovo's progress is undeniable and unsparing and that the people of Kosovo are grateful and thankful. Even in the areas under the Ministry's responsibility, these two countries have helped and continue to assist in different aspects", said the minister.

Meanwhile, the students thanked the ministry for support and selection, stressing that they will engage in maximum to provide the necessary knowledge and experience and to bring and apply it in Kosovo, in the service of the cultural heritage field. The students said that due to the cooperation that MCYS has built with its partners, has now been possible to have their dreams achieved.

We remind that the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports has established a fund of cultural and heritage scholarships to subsidize the training and education of the deficient cadres in order to increase the professional and scientific capacities of the cultural heritage institutions. Agreements signed with partners and the project in question will also continue in the future.