Draçini’s exhibition "The Past: The Future of the Present" has been opened at GMC


At the Gallery of the Ministry of Culture, within the framework of the Joint Cultural Calendar Kosovo-Albania, was opened the personal exhibition of the painter and graphic artist from Shkodra, Artan Draçini, entitled "The past: the future of the present".

The exhibition has the language of the Symbolism of the past, which comes as a bell echo in the present, to reflect fact as a normal and ironic misunderstanding in the future. Such a recycling process of imaginative events creates a solid piece of Art in the system of values of modern Albanian art of the century we are living in.

The curator of the exhibition, Suzana Varvarica Kuka, introduces the artist Draçini based on her concept as: "The artist is the founding factor of the images, which initially, come into being as personal and secret sensations. He keeps them in the rational source before they burst emotionally, where his inner world clashes on all imaginative walls. There, where all of us are, at their exposure”.

The exhibition presents 27 works, made on graphic sheets that live as a grouping, as well as on painting, which has a tonal – graphical language, highly emotional with the historical and emotional fact.

This exhibition will remain open for a month.